The Online Marketing & Business Coach for Women with Big Dreams

If you’re a passionate entrepreneur (or aspiring one) or looking to boost the business you already have; if you’re busy spinning your wheels IN your business (instead of ON your business) and want to stop admiring what everyone else is doing and get focused on making YOU and YOUR business rock

Then beautiful you are in the right place!


Kym Mulcahy

The place for women entrepreneurs who want to live their best lives. Who are ready to turn their dreams into reality, live with authenticity and create a business (and life) that shines!

Where one-on-one support and ACTIONABLE advice (we’re talking effective and in plain English people) for your business is available in areas like online marketing, blogging, social media, copywriting and mindset (oh yeah!).

plus some guidance in Courage + Self Love

The courage to go after whatever you desire + build an amazing business. The ability to love yourself unconditionally + see perfection in your imperfections

Cos, when you live an authentic life filled with courage + self-belief you are destined to find true gold. . .  sparkling experiences, dazzling opportunities + a shiny bright future with your name written all over it!

This is what you deserve.

and what I want for YOU!

and you can bet I do, because everytime I help people tap into their full potential, embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and rock the planet with their talents – I am living my dream!


I’ve always been a free spirit searching for my own path, and over-the-moon that I’ve finally discovered it. I have a whole kaleidoscope of life and business experience that spans from professional singer (show biz is in the blood), to a stint in the corporate world (too restrictive for this girl), to branching out as a freelance copywriter, blogger and online marketer – and then I found a magical glue that helped me beautifully mould all of my experience, knowledge and skills into one fabulous bundle – transformational life coaching.

The combination of human behaviour skills, creativity, performance and online business expertise makes for a unique type of mentoring like no other. A transformational business model where I can help others achieve their goals and and enjoy the freedom of living their best life.

Saying I love what I do is an understatement (it doesn’t feel like work at all), it’s an exciting and rewarding adventure. I absolutely adore bringing out the best in people and seeing them shine, and I do a little happy dance each time I see them reach their full potential.


I’m a freedom fighter who is passionate about people connecting from the heart, authenticity in life and business, and stepping out of your comfort zone to live life to the fullest.

I used to live my life according to what other people wanted, believing this would make me happy. Boy was I wrong! The moment I started loving myself and living with authenticity, was the moment I started to really experience what happiness is.


As much as I’m about authenticity, gratitude and a powerful mindset, I also know you have to roll up your sleeves and get sh*t done to get where you wanna go.

I’ve definitely earned some business stripes – some in the old-school traditional style, some in a more unconventional (learning from experience) kinda way.

Back in the day, I attended Business College straight out of school  (albeit under duress) – but hey at least I learned to type. I squeezed in a Diploma of Business along the way, and when I became a new mum,  studied a Bachelor of Communications,  achieving the highest GPA for Media Writing.

I’ve studied with internet marketing gurus and spent tens of thousands (equivalent to a house deposit) on business courses, online marketing systems and mastermind programs, plus attended numerous professional development and coaching seminars (and still do!)

I’m the founder and editor of a popular international wedding blog, which I can proudly say I created from scratch, was a huge learning curb in the online word, and has paid off as it still brings in a passive income while my family sleeps.

I’m also a Mindset and Transformational Life Coach  and love how this plays an integral part in how I coach and mentor my clients.  My other certifications Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Deep State Re-patterning and Meta Dynamics practitioner also come in very handy.

I’ve worked as a professional online marketer and blogger for more than 7 years and as a freelance copywriter for a range of clients – from huge billion dollar corporations right through to solopreneurs and small business start-ups.


I mentor women entrepreneurs who are ready to take their life from ordinary to extraordinary, want to create a freedom-based business and lifestyle, or are ready to take their success to a whole new existence.

I coach small business owners helping them to market their business online, design irresistible services and design creative concepts that take their business from best-kept-secret to shining sensation!

I write and speak about adopting a success mindset, soul-filled marketing and creating a freedom-based business because it is my mantra for living and lights me up when I share it with others.


Kym Mulcahy is a Business Coach for Women, Marketing Mentor and Copywriter on a fired up mission to help all women entrepreneurs realise how truly magnificent they are, embrace their unique gifts and talents and use them to make a difference in the world.

Passionate about authenticity in life and business, Kym shares her expertise as an Online Marketing Consultant and Human Behaviour Specialist to mentor women entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to create a freedom-based business doing what they love.

The founder of Brave Beautiful Life – a self development and freedom-business training hub dedicated to helping individuals shine and create an online business model that gives them the freedom to do more of what they love. Kym writes, mentors and speaks on topics such as marketing from the heart, freedom in business and entrepreneurial awesomeness.

Kym currently resides on Sydney’s north shore with her partner and 7 year old son.


If you’re ready to kiss goodbye the 9 to 5 goodbye once and for all and say a big hello to your entrepreneurial dream, check out how you can work with me here.