How I Busted One Of My Biggest Fears

How I Busted One Of My Biggest Fears

How I Busted One Of My Biggest Fears

I was recently forced to overcome one of my biggest fears. Something I really wanted to do more than anything, but had avoided for years.

The one thing I knew would make me feel fabulous, but I had repeatedly given a wide berth because it scared me sh*t-less!

Now before I share with you what my fear is (or rather was!) there are some things you should know.

Confident on the outside – jelly on the inside.

I’ve been writing and marketing online for about 6 years now.  I write blog posts, create persuasive sales copy, curate editorial features, market online content and spin catchy social media content almost everyday.

So you could say I’m pretty comfortable when it comes to creating online content.

except that is when it comes to … (Da da daah!  Cue doomsday music here….)


I struggled with the fear of putting myself on video.

Knowledge does not guarantee your success

Now as someone who helps other business owners build and promote their brand, I know how much an impact videos can make on your marketing results.

They are the most effective way to get your message out there.

Videos create the perfect vehicle to connect with your audience in the most authentic way possible. Your people get a real sense of ‘you’ and what you stand for, and they really feel as if you’re speaking to them in person.

So you get that I really understood the benefits of video and how it would help grow my business. I knew that creating a video was not only something I really wanted to do –


Now you may be thinking,

if Kym knows and understands the great benefits there are for creating videos – then that should have been more than enough motivation for her to take action right?


I still found every excuse under the sun to avoid facing my biggest fear –

  • I’m not ready yet
  • I don’t have the right equipment
  • I want to lose a few kilos first
  • I haven’t got interesting or compelling enough to talk about
  • What if people don’t like me?
  • What if they judge the way I look? 
  • What if nobody likes what I have to say?

Yep, I had all the best excuses for not giving it a go.

Are you an expert at handing out excuses?

For past two years, I told myself and those closest to me, a whole variety of “convincing” stories around why filming myself on video wasn’t a good idea right now.

When in reality, all I was doing was putting off the one thing I really wanted to do.

I was my own worst enemy.

And what was even crazier was… I was contradicting myself.

Here I was, telling my marketing clients how much they needed to use video.

Yet I was terrified of doing it myself! (I know – go figure!?)

Overcoming a fear

I came to the realization, I wasn’t going to be truly satisfied with myself – or be playing at 100% in my business – until I faced my fear.

I knew  it was time to ‘walk my talk’

It was time get over myself  (and as Nike would say)  JUST DO IT!

When the student is ready

Once I made the decision it was uncanny how quickly the universe took over and did it’s thing.

You’ve heard the saying ‘When the student is ready , the teacher appears’ – well in my case it was the opportunity appeared!

Not long after making my decision, I was given the opportunity to face my fear head on.

I recorded my first video!

Now, I have to admit I didn’t go it totally alone.  I created my first marketing video with my lovely sister Lara.

Lara and I were putting together a workshop exclusively for performers.  The event was promoted entirely on Facebook, so it was a no-brainer that at some point it would need a promotional video to help get the message out.

So with some wonderful moral support and helpful tips from my actor Sis, I did it.

I filmed my first video –  Yay!


I’m pleased to say it didn’t hurt one bit!”

The Performing Edge VideoYou can check out the vid here

What do you need to conquer your fears?

For awhile there, I didn’t believe I actually did it. I floated around for the rest of the week on a high, feeling like I just witnessed someone else create a video.

I also got thinking…what was it that was so powerful for me, that it prompted me to finally face my big fear?

Having a big enough reason!

Upon reflection, I realised a big part of my motivation to act was knowing I needed to do this –  not just for myself – but for someone else that was important to me.

For me, making a commitment to somebody then following through is super important. So I was 100% committed (even though my insides were feeling like mush!)

Courage turns up when you take action

Even though I was nervous right up until the moment I started speaking – it wasn’t until I actually did it, that my confidence showed up.

It was “text book” personal development stuff (any fellow coaches out there will know what I mean).

You only become courageous by doing the thing you fear. By taking action.

It’s such a simple thing – but SO significant to moving you forward.

Don’t wait for perfect

Now our little video was nowhere perfect – but the point is, we got it done and it was good enough. We didn’t even let a lack of professional equipment to stop us.

The whole thing was recorded Lara’s loungeroom on her Mac laptop – which was propped up on a stack of books on top of  a ironing board – haha!

We had a total blast, plenty of belly laughs, and a bunch of priceless out-takes we can enjoy for years to come!

Point is – you can’t wait for everything to be “perfect” before you go for it – you’ll be waiting your whole entire life!

You will only get good at something BY DOING IT!

You won’t know until you try

The best thing I came to realise by tackling my fear was I actually really enjoyed doing it. Can you believe it?

I really loved creating the video. It was a ton of fun.

The only way to bust though that fear or anxiety is to face head on what it is that you’re avoiding. It is in the ‘doing’ that confidence turns up.

And here’s the thing…

Fear does not go away. Fear will always be there.

It’s how you handle it that counts.

Don’t wait to “be good enough”
Don’t wait for everything to “be perfect” and
Don’t sit around waiting to “have the courage”

Believe me it ain’t going to happen. The only way to bust that fear is TO DO IT!

So let me ask you this?

What’s the one thing you’ve been putting off that will take you closer to your big goal?

What’s the one thing you would love to do, but your fear of not being good enough is holding you back?

This is ABSOLUTELY the ‘thing’ that you need to do..

“Step through your Fear to find your True Potential”


and share with me below…

That one big fear you really would love to bust?

Love, laughter + shiny success

Kym x

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